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Surviving Auschwitz, Resisting Trump, Staying Open

This week visiting home, I'm pulled to revisit some family papers. Today, under Trump's ascendancy, I am the exact same age as my maternal grandfather was when Hitler rose to power. Maybe there's something in here I can use. Grim, stiff-jawed, I review the delicate handwriting, the difficult names. Auschwitz. Dachau. Buchenwald. Following his initial arrest on Kristallnacht, my Opa was shuffled for the next ...

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A Song to Stop Urban Shield

The 1999 WTO protests in Seattle marked the beginning of what has become a rapid militarization of U.S. police departments all across the country. BPFers in the Bay Area decided to take on this dangerous trend with the power of song. ...

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When You Picture U.S. Buddhists, Do You Think Of Me?

Re-visibilizing Asian Americans in Buddhism is a precious opportunity. It can mean opening up, anchoring in hard historical truths, and bearing witness to an array of stories, voices, and practices of the many, diverse Buddhists who somehow identify with the wide and politically fraught umbrella-term: Asian-American. ...

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Urgent Prayers for Charlottesville, Virginia

As extreme right-wing groups, encouraged to arrive armed, prepare to converge in Charlottesville, Virginia tomorrow, we at Buddhist Peace Fellowship want to Be in spiritual and material solidarity with all those on the ground, compassionately confronting racist violence. We are honored to pass along this letter with permission from our friend, BPF member, and Block Build Be alum, Sarah Thompson ('16) — a bo ...

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Show Us Your Jewels! A Community Art Project

What does refuge look like to those who seek wisdom and liberation in both radical politics and compassionate contemplation?  Check out our community art project: Refuge: Show Us Your Jewels [divide style="2"] Inspired to share? Show us what refuge looks like to you! Please join our community art project and help us dream up a more radical refuge. Share your visual or verbal representations of the Three Ref ...

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