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Buddhists Compassionately Confront A Stinking System – And Ourselves

With our online connections thriving, BPFers are calling for a face-to-face meet-up. Pulling off the first Buddhist Peace Fellowship gathering since 2006 won't be easy. Can you help us build the momentum to peacefully confront war, prisons, climate change, and more? Come watch our brand-new video and see what you can do to support The System Stinks 2014 & a BPF gathering! ...

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Support the Emergence of Buddha-as-Sangha

If Thich Nhat Hanh is right that "The next Buddha, the Buddha of the West, will come as the sangha" - it is my belief that East Bay Meditation Center is leading the way to our personal and collective liberation. I invite you to support East Bay Meditation Center - by attending their star-studded upcoming event (see details below) or by making a direct donation to support EBMC's continued flourishing. Someti ...

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Loneliness Stinks. Studying Together Can Help

It can be lonely out there for political activists grounded in a spiritual practice that sometimes gets pigeonholed as too “woo” for revolutionaries. Also lonely are we spiritual seekers who find the meditation cushion just isn’t enough for the liberation of all beings. That’s why it’s so refreshing to find those spaces where, those people with whom, we can bring our fuller selves. This year, as part of The ...

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Sunday I find myself in the local plant nursery selecting pink and yellow primulas to take to a neighbor undergoing chemotherapy for lymphoma. What better place to be on a winter verging into spring day, I think, and what better thing to be doing than bringing a little color home to a neighbor? — Downtown, perhaps, site of Occupy Oakland’s latest action. I was listening to news of  it on Free Speech Radio o ...

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Sanghahood: Neighborhood as Sangha

About this blog: Sanghahood—a conjunction of neighborhood and sangha, shorthand for neighborhood as sangha. A place where we apply the Buddha Way to our immediate circumstances, while  remembering that the whole universe is right here now: the vow to extend peace and protection to all beings includes those connected to us in familial and tribal ways, as well as those beyond all tangible boundaries, the most ...

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Occupying the Neighbor’hood

  Following meditation, each morning I make my bows to the Three Treasures of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. When I come to Sangha, I think, if I think at all, of my neighbors, those to whom I extend whatever wisdom and compassion I’ve garnered from the Buddha Way and who teach me what the Way is on the street. What I give out and what I get back fully engages me with the world. In fact, this apparently na ...

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