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In Dialogue with Ajahn Sulak Sivaraksa: I Will Not Kill, I Will Not Steal (VIDEO)

What do the precepts of non-killing and non-stealing mean in our world filled with global violence and consumerism? Ajahn Sulak Sivaraksa, Thailand’s 79-year-old leader of socially engaged Buddhism, spoke on this question at a Buddhist Peace Fellowship event on March 24, 2012. A founder of the International Network of Socially Engaged Buddhists and a recipient of the Niwano Peace Prize and the Right Livelihood Award, Aj. Sulak spoke directly about the need to examine structural violence and the distortions of media as essential practices for Buddhists living in today’s world. Here at Turning Wheel Media, we are excited that our first multimedia offering is this video of Aj. Sulak’s engaging talk.

The video is broken up into 4 parts; parts 2, 3, and 4 below.


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Comments (12)

  • Divya

    When I first started redinag this I thought I was going to encounter the Moral Man Immoral Society argument. But you’re right. It is more complex than that. It isn’t just societies that can lose empathy, individuals do it all the time, seeking self-interest first. The question I struggle with is the efficacy of transformative change away from self-interest that leads toward averice for both individuals and groups. At times it feels so much a part of the genetic code of humans that seeking virtue or mitigating greed cannot be done without less virtues applications. What do you think, Dr. Knitter, of Niebuhr’s argument in Moral Man that coercion is necessary in one form or another to create a more moral society?

  • Cartamo

    Wise advice from Ajahn! I hope one day we live in a world where people care about each other and there is justice.

  • Dores Fortes na Nuca

    I just love this guy… Except when he gets sarcastic, it doesn’t suit him well. :)

  • Economizar Dinheiro

    Fine words of Ajahn.
    men are living a life only mutton to their greed, and forgetting what really matters. But I believe this will change :)

  • Emagrecimento

    I just love this guy…it is an example for humanity.

  • Tocar teclado

    wise counsel, I like to see people talking antingas

  • como secar a barriga

    thank you ver much for this article..the content is very useful.

  • Vera

    Thank. This guy is an example. An content very important and usefull for me.

  • Pamela

    Well, what can I say? This is for sure a life changer. People should get inspired everyday by this type of speech.

  • Ricardo

    Thank you for this videos! Ajahn is the guy! A message very important for all us.

  • Katarine

    Wise words!

    The media is a major culprit in the spread of violence in our society.

    The world needs someone like you.

  • Fisionatuna

    I liked this man, the Buddhist is a lesson in life, despite having known a short time, I surprise myself every day more.

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