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Good morning! Glad to continue this week in food justice with a beautiful and powerful piece by Bulan Adi Ko.llective. You can click the piece to see it closer-up.

As spiritual activists, we need not only sound strategies but also a sense of (inter)connection to deeper meaning, rich histories and enlivening possibilities.  Mudita!  And much gratitude to this collective for your contribution.

~ Katie for Turning Wheel Media


MAIZ. Nuestra de cada dia : Ang ating pang araw-araw : Our daily bread. Mixed-media (acrylic, marker, pencil, photography, collage).

Bulan Adi Ko

FREE OUR SEEDS:: SEEDS ARE FREE, A new mixed-media series by Bulan Adi Ko.llective focuses on the growing threat to bio and cultural diversity by transnational agribusinesses. The series magnifies “the seed,” the nucleus of life and the many stories that come with the precious gift of life. The very beginnings of life are in danger and the series brings a visual understanding of the truth behind agribusiness.

Robin David

Angela Angel

Collectively known as *Bulan Adi Ko *(short and Ilokano for “My Sister Moon Collective”), painter Robin David and photographer, Angela Angel debuted their first collaborative works in galleries in the Bay Area, California. This all womyn collective has gone on to create intricate installations and storytelling wonders filled with a mixture of different mediums. Their pieces focus on true narratives and highlights current history. Known for their elaborate details and the talent of weaving it all together, their first co-solo show, “World Wide Hustle(rs)” opened in San Francisco’s Luggage Store Gallery in 2010 with a burst full of murals, mixed-media works, photographs and film. Their work is fully influenced by a feminine perspective and pushes the imagination of art as many of their pieces are created by upcycling materials.  Keep up with them at

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